Gene Welsh, REALTOR®

Gene Welsh has been selling real estate in Wyoming and Nebraska for more than 10 years, after actively running his own agricultural operations for over 30 years. He participated in one sale of 77,000 acres for a sales price of $32,000,000. Another sale in which he has participated as agent was 12,000 acres with a value of $12,000,000.

Gene continues to be active in agriculture, owning a 500 acre irrigated alfalfa and grass farm. Previously, he had made a full time living in agriculture owning and operating various ranches. Before moving his registered Angus cow herd to eastern Wyoming (Yoder), he owned a 27,000 acre ranch at Rock River, Wyoming. Earlier, he was a partner in the Joe Miller Ranch, Laramie, Wyoming, with 125,000 acres of deeded and BLM state-owned lands. This land was successfully divided and sold at auction.

Gene started developing his herd of Angus cows at Arthur in the sand hills of Nebraska where he developed 5500 acres of the 10,000 acres to raise corn and irrigated grass, in addition to the dry land pasture. 

Later he moved the herd to Stapleton, Nebraska, to an 850-acre pivot irrigated farm, ranch and feedlot.  The property was leased, and then purchased this property in partnership with Bill Morgan Family, who later became the Morgan of Kinder Morgan Gas.